Principal's Message

From The Desk of Principal(C.G. College & School of Nursing) Raipur

Nursing is one of the most honorable and respectable profession in modern health care. But is also one of the most challenging. Yes its not easy being a good nurse. To be a great Nurse, you must not only have to be very well qualified professionally bu also nave the right positive attitude. There is a ample opportunity for you to grow and to be an independent individual. Today, there is tremendous demand for quality nursing not only in India but in all across the world. Become a Nurse and extend your services in the development of Healthy Nation "Wishing you a bright future, God bless You." (Mr. Arun Kumar) M.Sc.. (N) Medical-Surgical Nursing

(Mr. Arun Kumar) M.Sc.. (N) Medical-Surgical Nursing

From The Desk of Principal(C.G. Institute of Nursing) Bilaspur

"Traditional Nursing" is a thing of past. Today's nurses must be prepared to adopt to the continual changes occurring in health care. They play a vital role in the delivery of multi disciplinary health care services. It is the building of the career of the students and we on behalf of C.G. Institute of Nursing continue to mould the career of the student with all basic concepts, skills and techniques.

(Mrs. Namrata Nikhil Isaac) M.Sc.. (N) Child Health, Nursing

From The Desk of Principal(CIMS) Raipur

From the Desk of the Principal CIMS, Raipur My Dear Students and Guardians, Today when you are on the verge of taking this bold and gaint step into this vast and humane field of Medical and Health Care, let me congratulate you for this perfect gesture. No better service is there than serving the humanity and the field of health care serves the perfect arena for the same. Physiotherapy is one of t he most evolving area of modern health care practice and being a Physiotherapist, he/she can not only treat an individual in the rehab phase of any ailment, but also has the discretions to diagnose and prescribe a perfect rehab protocol for any particular diseases. This 4'12 years of study in the specialized field of Physiotherapy will help the students to gain ample knowledge so as to make them capable of handling any emergency related to physiotherapy and gives a scope to the students to prove their worth in front of others. Finally, before I close, let me again congratulate you and wish you all best for your future. Best of Luck. Dr. Nilesh Soni B.P.T.

Dr. Nilesh Soni B.P.T.

From The Desk of Principal(C.G. Institute of Nursing) Raipur

Nursing education has a major rule in preparation of student nurses for leadership. In this era of technological advancement. We find changes in all the profession. Nursing profession is no exception. Due to rapid change in health environment and expectations fo health care consumers nursing profession has also undergone tremendous changes. As nursing education is a key to development of excellence in nursing practice. We as the part of C.G. Institute of Nursing will make our sincere effort to upgrade the students at best level and prove this, that nursing profession is the Nobel Profession.

(Ms. Nirmala Goginemi) M.Sc.. (N) OBG

From The Desk of Principal(C.G. School of Nursing) Bilspur

The Nursing students need to be prepared in such a way that they gain clinical expertise, technical management skills and cultural competence to cope with increasing complexity of life, legal and ethical orientation, converging theory and practice, professional assertiveness, communication skills, evaluation of care and research. Nurses today must be able to grow and evolve in order to meet the demands of dramatically changing health care system. We can create the changes in students by excellent guidance and lift up their future.

Mr. Mukesh Prasad M.Sc.(N) Community Health Nursing